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Welcome to JJT Engineering Surveying Technology! Our company is a highly reputable construction company that specializes in providing a plethora of high-quality construction services. We pride ourselves on offering reliable service, and unparalleled expertise in our field.

Who we are

Delivering advanced level innovation.

The company has proved capability to provide test borings and water well drilling, laboratory testing, road & bridge design, surveying, construction supervision and contract administration, materials testing, solid waste management, civil and electro-mechanical works construction, Concrete pole production and Quality Assurance and Management Services.

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We made the world with enginnering and technology


Construction Department

01. Construction Department

Construction Department was first established as one of the five operational departments in January 2010 when the company restructured itself in accordance with existing work processes for implementation of the quality management system. The department had two divisions, civil works construction division and electromechanical division.
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Electromechanical Department

02. Electromechanical Department

The Electromechanical Department of Saba Engineering is one of the Six operational departments of the company organized to provide a full range of expert services in the construction ofTransmission, Substation, Distribution line works and supply of electromechanical materials and equipment.
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Design Department

03. Design Department

Design Department is one of the five operational departments of the Company organized to provide a full range of expert services in the design of roads bridges, buildings, water supply & sewerage systems.Beside this the department conducts ground surveying works and evaluation of aerial photographs.
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Supply and Equipment Service

04. Supply and Equipment Service

Supply and Equipment Service provides a wide range of services for operational and other units of the company. It comprises two major divisions: Equipment Maintenance & Management Division and Supply & Procurement Division, both of which are organized with well experienced professionals in their respective streams.
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Delivering results, reliability, & rock solid dependability.

Our team of dedicated professionals strived tirelessly, putting in long hours and utilizing their expertise to deliver exceptional results on the projects we undertook. We had the satisfaction of delivering high quality solutions that met and exceeded the expectations of our clients. Despite working within tight deadlines, we did not compromise on the quality of work we put out. As a result, we are proud to say that we achieved an impressive client satisfaction rating of over 90 percent.

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Our Core value

Let’s build the future with enginnering and technology.


We constantly challenge and lead ourselves to the highest levels of performance to achieve quality standards regarding quality of work and workmanship and greater customer satisfaction.


We respect the dignity, the aspirations and expectations of our customers and those who contribute to same within or outside the company. We adhere to the strict rules, laws of the land that govern our industry.


We promote efficiency and effectiveness by properly planning and organizing our undertakings and maximizing the use of resources to meet standards of construction economy and eradicating waste.